Even before there was the internet, there was a lot of false information being circulated. People hear something and think it’s true, so they spread it like it is. Then people end up thinking that it is a fact. That’s even how urban legends come to be.

With the internet, it is possible to google something and have many websites tell you the same false information. That’s why it’s important to source what you hear and make sure it’s true. When it comes to drugs, there are plenty of myths surrounding them.

Having the right information is essential. So we’re going to explore some common myths about some common drugs.

Myth # 1 

There seems to be this idea that alcohol is only dangerous if you get addicted to it. Therefore, if you’re not addicted and don’t have to drink it, then it won’t harm your body. This is definitely not true. Alcohol is actually more deadly than heroin or cocaine, and this is because people forget the risks.

Drinking causes many health problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart damage
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Liver damage
  • Lower immune defense

A common problem of drinking is binge drinking. That is when you consume large amounts of alcohol at a time. That can cause many issues like dependency on alcohol or even behavior issues and psychiatric problems.

Alcohol is also usually the one behind many bad decisions like drunk driving or sexual assault. Heavy drinking can lead to impaired brain and motor function. People lose inhabitation and sometimes commit crimes.

They also might get behind the wheel of a car when they shouldn’t.

Myth # 2

Another rumor not based in fact is that being addicted to prescription drugs is safer than drugs you find on the street. As in prescription painkillers can be safer than heroin. This just isn’t true.

Prescription drugs can be very addictive and come with their own harmful side effects. They are usually prescribed because the benefits of the pills outweigh the risks. People who take them beyond the doctor’s recommendation are taking a risk.

Some prescription drugs commonly abused:

  • Stimulants are often used instead of cocaine or methamphetamine. People abuse stimulants to aid in energy for working or weight loss though they can lead to health issues.
  • Central Nervous System Depressants meant to help with anxiety or depression can give similar effects to alcohol. CNS depressants are dangerous because when mixed with other drugs can cause dangerous reactions.
  • Opioids or prescription painkillers can induce a high similar to heroin. Overdose rates due to opioid drugs were twice as high as the rates for heroin in 2014.

Myth # 3
Everyone who has ever had a hangover has heard this fact: that coffee can sober you up. Turns out, it’s false.

The only way to get alcohol out of your bloodstream is for your liver to metabolize it. So only time can do that. So sit down in a chair and relax and let your body do its job.