Drinking heavily and partying is just considered a rite of passage these days. That doesn’t mean that it’s okay or good for anyone who does it. Instead, it has just turned normal when it should be anything but drugs & drinking.

Mixing alcohol and drugs can lead to dangerous situations, yet young people often do it in a party setting. Partying generally involves mixing alcohol and prescription pills or other drugs.

People under the age of 25 still have brains and bodies developing. Drugs and alcohol can do more damage to that development than they realize.

Apparently, the brains of young adults are ripe for substance abuse. They are constantly seeking reward and stimulation. Prescription drug use is only second to marijuana in abuse by young adults. The problem is that now prescription drugs and alcohol are seen as normal. It’s not something to hide because partying is cool.

Pharma Parties
It is common for teens to have parties where they all bring some time of the prescription drug. Often these drugs are swiped from parents or relatives unnoticed.

The internet is now a resource which teens can use to learn more about drugs they might find in their medicine cabinets. Then they might want to take a chance and see how they affect them. This can lead to new habits.

Too Accessible
Drugs and alcohol are way too accessible for many teens. Parents don’t always lock these things up. They may trust their teens or not even consider it being an issue. It is also way too easy to abuse substances that you might not even have considered.

Cough medicine, when taken in large amounts, can cause very dangerous reactions. People tend to take it because it can have sedative effects like alcohol.Prescription drugs that are taken outside of doctors instructions can be dangerous. That’s because these drugs can be very addictive and different amounts affect people in different ways. It is extremely easy to overdose from prescription pain killers.

Sniffing or inhaling fumes from chemicals like bleach and paint thinner are common ways to get high. This is because these substances are usually just lying around the house. But there are often dangerous chemicals that can damage organs.

Marijuana is generally considered a soft drug because it’s not super harmful. But to the still-developing brains of young people, it can cause memory and problem-solving issues.