Some parents think that if their kids are occupied, they can’t possibly be doing drugs. Kimmy is too busy with all her clubs, Tommy and his sports. If they’re distracted, then they have no reason to try drugs . . . right?

Studies have shown that this is not the case. It can actually increase the risk of substance abuse in some teens. There are many reasons that it might, many of them including stress.

Of course, steroids and other drugs meant to enhance performance are a huge issue. But there is a relation between sports and drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana.

Parents should always pay attention to their kids and be aware it can affect any of them.

Having a kid who is always busy and doing something doesn’t mean they don’t have time for drugs. On the contrary, they might feel they need them just to relax. There is also a lot of peer pressure when kids participate in sports. They might want to be close to their team.

Playing sports can have a lot of positive outcomes like:

–    Discipline
– Teamwork
– Friendships
– Goals
– Fitness
– College scholarships

But of course, like anything, it can cause a lot of stress or pressure on a kid. They might feel that if they’re not succeeding at 100 percent, then they are failing. Some of these pressures include:

–    Struggling with grades
– Social pressure from friends and others
– Family issues
– Dating and relationships
– Juggling time
– Anxiety and depression
– Appearance issues

Often it can feel like a lot to deal with. On top of needing to perform well at sports, they also need to have good enough grades for college. They also need to keep up appearances with friends and family. The weight of these pressures can get too heavy.

Sometimes teens will start using drugs like steroids to enhance their performance. This is so that they can improve faster and still have time for other things.

They might drink alcohol at parties to relax or fit in or smoke marijuana to have a good time. This can always lead to overuse or dependency. Party culture does exist in the sports world as well. It can take a lot out of someone to always have to impress everyone. Sports does not exclude kids from the risk of substance abuse.

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