We are an educational resource about alcohol and substance abuses. It is all too common for people to drink to the point of alcoholism or to be dependent on drugs. It’s easy to think it’s normal and not be worried, but we should be.

Our culture has decided it is the norm to do these things regularly, regardless of the dangerous health risk they pose.

We seek to help people understand if they might have a problem, inform them of the facts. People don’t think they have a problem because what they’re doing isn’t any different from those around them.

We believe a healthy society is a happy society!

That means that for our society to be at 100%, we need to be healthy. We need to treat our bodies well and take care of them. There are so many dangers that alcohol and drugs pose to our health.

Often people seem to forget these health risks. When everyone around you is acting like it’s okay, it’s not hard to forget. We believe there needs to be a place willing to educate others on the risks.

Here we provide the knowledge you need to put you on the right track to a healthy life.